Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My First blog "About me" | Why should I start Blogging

First Blog "About Me"

Hello all,
I hope you guys are doing well.
I am new to the world of blogging. This is my first blog where I'm sharing basic information About Me.

So, This is me, Shashwat PrakashBelongs to a small city of Bihar, India. I have completed schooling from Bihar, India. After that for higher studies, I went to Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I completed B.E degree in Computer Science & Engineering in 2018. And Photography is my hobby.

Professional Information

Professionally, I am a Software Developer since 2018. Currently, I am working in a reputed IT Company as an Associate Software Engineer.
Learning new programming languages, frameworks and sharing knowledge with others is one of my hobbies. The more I learn, the more I understood how little I know and that drives me to dig into technology and languages to explore. 
Experience in C#, ASP.NET Core, ReactJs, NodeJs, MongoDB and Microservices. 
I have done several financial projects in the above tech-stacks. And also I am an Oracle Certified Java Programmer. Apart from that, I am an Amazon Associate member. And also looking for new opportunities like an entrepreneur, business development for the growth in career.
Faces many difficulties in starting what to work, how to work and where to work. But now I am as capable to do any professional work. My manager makes me that much capable.

Why should I start Blogging?

The reason behind starting blogging is its an independent work. Blogging depends on your creativity. And the Content should be inspiring, provide education, and entertain peoples. 

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share knowledge with others.
And the most important by sharing your knowledge, your ideas, your experience with others, you can make money.

I don't much talk about blogging because I am a newbie for now. 
This is a very simple blog where I talk About Me that Who I am? and What I am working for?

Please share your views in the comment section about Blogging.
Thanks for visit here. Hope you like it! :-)