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Reason behind Negative Thoughts

Reason behind Negative Thoughts

The Reason behind Negative Thoughts

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. William Shakespeare
Have you ever wondered what causes Negative Thoughts? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with major depression, and that's made you question why some people get depressed while others don't.

To understand clinical depression, it is essential to understand that people don't reflect reality.
Remember from the cycle of depression that too many negative thoughts, emotionally arousing introspections lead to over-dreaming, which leads to Negative Thoughts and depression.

What Are the Main Causes of Negative Thoughts?

Negative Thoughts can turn good things into bad by applying a meaning that harms us.

There are a number of factors that may increase the chance of Negative Thoughts:

  • Abuse: Past physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to clinical depression later in life.
  • Certain medications: Some drugs, such as isotretinoin (used to treat acne), the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, and corticosteroids, can increase your risk of depression.
  • Conflict: Depression in someone who has the biological vulnerability to develop depression may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends.
  • Death or a loss: Sadness or grief from the death or loss of a loved one, though natural, may increase the risk of depression.
  • Other personal problems: Problems such as social isolation due to other mental illnesses or being cast out of a family or social group can contribute to the risk of developing clinical depression.

Problems that occur Negative Thoughts

People often try many different ways to get rid of their negative thoughts, including distractions, diversions or ‘drowning their sorrows’ only to later mentally beat themselves up for being still stuck in their negativity. It can feel like a real internal battle. These are common strategies that attempt to stop the thoughts and numb the pain in the short term but they only make things worse in the long term. It doesn’t fix the problem at its core.

The research shows that struggling with, arguing with, trying to drown out or push away unhelpful thoughts only amplifies them and makes things worse.

The problem is not that we have negative thoughts. The problem comes when we believe our thoughts are true. When you are no longer entangled in thoughts they lose their grip on you and lose their power to generate unpleasant emotions.

Ruminating on mistakes made in the past often creates feelings of shame, guilt, and negativity. Feelings of worthlessness may arise when you play over and over in your mind, ‘bad’ choices or ‘wrong’ actions you feel you have made.

Negative thoughts often revolve around what’s wrong with your life. Your attention becomes fixated on and exaggerates the so-called negative aspects of your life. Here your mind will often downplay what is going well.


Always stay away from these emotions. So you never thought negative. Never run away from your problem always face it. And try to figure it out always.

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  1. Agreed!!...we should dig the root cause of any kind of negativity and try to fix that. Negative thoughts that hit you constantly can be washed away through analysing it deeply n curing it.

  2. I really didn't know about these reasons behind negative thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Conclusion was the best part, face your problems, rather than running away from them.

  4. I think social media is now a days a source of negative thoughts... Kuch hota hai nahi ki itne negative news aane lagti hain... I think people should be positive

  5. This is a very insightful post, we often tend to get negative about things but don't understand the reason behind it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bad thinking and good thinking are both in human beings and will reflect the kind of person they are

  7. What you think it depends upon your social environment. Only human can control this.