Thursday, April 16, 2020

Increase Productivity of Mind

How can You Increase the Productivity of your Mind?

We always think about our brains. How it works? How many things run in our minds? How do we focus on our minds and control our bodies? Always think about maximizing our productivity, achieve goals, and advance careers and must learn how to focus their attention and eliminate distractions. Am I right?
Increase Productivity of Mind
Distractions in our modern-day work environments abound; learning to direct your attention amongst the endless chatter in our lives is crucial to success.

A new theory that has proven one very incredible fact: Our brains have the ability to change.
This means, if you’re not very intelligent in one area, that’s okay! You have the option to literally ‘change that area of your brain’ through some little pieces of training.
Your brain is a muscle. You need to exercise regularly on time.
You start each day with a plan to get so much done, but soon find yourself becoming distracted, focusing on low-priority tasks and, simply, procrastinating, concentration gone.

Most of us rarely think to invest in a bit of brain-training now and then. For a long time, scientists thought we were trapped with the brain we were given. Thankfully for us, that theory went out the window with the advent of a new theory.

5 Important Steps to Increase Productivity of Mind

We have 10 important scientifically sound strategies and want to share them with you to increase the productivity of your brain power and boost your memory.

1. Meditation

Meditation isn’t just only for Yogis. Studies have shown meditation can alter your brain matter by reducing your stress levels, which consequently leads to better mental health and improve decision making which helps to do a productive task.

Meditation training improves cognition, leading to a better mood, increased verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and improved capability for manipulating mental information.

The easiest meditation, which you can start right now, involves merely shutting your eyes and paying close attention to your breathing. As the mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath. Just five to ten minutes of this meditation can help you relax, clear your mind, and leave you more prepared for any mental activity and gives you inner energy for working. And help in to get out of Depression.

2. Exercise

According to the study, short 10 to 40-minute sessions of exercise resulted in an improvement in mental concentration and focus: even a quick walk can have major benefits on your focus, productivity, and general well-being.

Regular exercise helps in improving brain function and enhancing the growth and development of nervous tissue and your sleep improves too. That means each time you exercise, you'll be developing new brain cells, as well as focusing your mind and body on one particularly grueling act.

Studies show that exercising before bed leads to falling asleep around 15 minutes earlier and extends sleep for an average of 45 minutes a night.

3. Positive Thinking

Always try to avoid Negative Thoughts, because of this Stress and anxiety occurs which kill existing brain neurons and also stop new neurons from being created. Try and get a handle on negative thoughts and make an effort to replace them with positive ones.

4. Make a List

Writing everything down is a great way to analyze things so you can plan your day accordingly. Writing your list a night before so your next day already prepared with what to expect and what needs to be accomplished.

You can make realistic decisions about what you’re truly able to accomplish with energy, and your schedule will feel thank you for the reasonable estimates for each item you build your day around.

5. Memory Training

Have you ever noticed that some people are able to effortlessly remember even the most mundane details and quickly comprehend new things?

You can start a journal, write yourself emails or even start read a blog, all of these activities will help to improve your capacity to remember and memorize information. Crossword puzzles, read or play cards on a daily basis not only keep your brain active.
Reading material out loud has been shown to significantly improve the memory of the material.
Our diets have a massive impact on brain function. The brain consumes more than 20 percent of all oxygen and nutrients which we consume, therefore remember to feed the brain the good stuff.
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