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Top 10 Best Niche for Blog 2020

What is a Blog Niche?

Before Starting let us understand What is Niche? What does it mean?
Top 10 Best Niche for Blog 2020
Niche is all about a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. You pick a niche that can bring attention to yourself and then develop your personal public relations efforts to let the world know who you are.

Or In other words, Niche is all about your interest, your expertise. For starting anything you must know about your interest that means you know about your Niche.
Let's take an example and understand the thing, let's say you started blogging, yesterday you wrote an article on Health, today you write an article on Technology, tomorrow you will write an article on Food. So here you share articles on a different field. If you want to grow your career you need to identify your Blog Niche.

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By having a niche you are memorable and are far more likely to be remembered. If your niche is specialized it can help capitalize on your unique skills, credibility, knowledge and you as a brand.
A Blog Niche is a unique way to make an impact on the people you really want to help.

How do I choose a Niche for Blog 2020?

The tough part of blogging is sticking to a particular topic, while you start blogging. By choosing your niche of interest and having your point of view you’ll be able to position and differentiate your blog from the competition.
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There are various ways to determine what niche is right for your Blog 2020.
In this topic, we’ll show you a few steps or tips that must help you take to choose the right niche for your Blog 2020.
  1. You must be passionate about your topic. Start by thinking about the things you enjoy doing, or would enjoy doing if you had the chance.
  2. You don’t want your niche to be too small or too big. Go with a topic that you love and that also has a huge audience. Use Google Keyword Planner tool from here, you can easily get rough ideas on the top keyword.
  3. And the most important, Monetization, Many of the people start blogging as a hobby or we can say to explore the new things. But many people started Blogging as a career and make money from it. So for this, identify is your niche profitable?
  4. At last, your niche should be trending as well as has a good future. So, it will be long-lasting.
Top 10 Best Niche for Blog 2020

What niches are most profitable for Blog 2020?

You started blogging and you are not sure which niche is profitable, trending and has a good future. According to Google Trends, the demand for the term “blogging” is high and had seen significant demands over the years.
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Let’s discuss on the Top 10 Most Profitable Niches for Blog 2020.

1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs are great if you want to target urban fashion freaks and there will be a ton of ways to make money from this niche including paid sponsorships, brand collaborations and so on.

Related micro niches are:

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Beauty tips

2. Weight Loss

The weight loss niche is never getting out of trend. As a matter of fact, weight loss niche ideas are always in demand because in today's world everyone should care about his/her health. So, people are constantly looking for weight loss to look healthy.

Related micro niches are: 

  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Gyming

3. Travel

From college students to any popular businessman, actor/actress, and politicians one thing in common, they all have the urge to travel.

Related micro niches are:

  • Budget travel
  • Luxury travel
  • Travel safety
  • Solo travel

4. Make Money Online

It is an evergreen niche. It’s also the most saturated niche. But it’s also one of the “easiest niches to make a ton of money” if you have skills.

Related micro niches are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram marketing

5. Business

We have also a business niche. This niche is considered as one of the most profitable niches.

Related micro niches are:

  • Marketing
  • Business Ideas
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investing

6. News

If you are interested in writing a news article then this niche can be the path changer of your blogging career.

Related micro niches are:

  • Politics
  • Celebrity
  • Science
  • Facts

7. Relationships

Many people worldwide are seeking relationship advice to lead a better lifestyle to manage their marriages, relationships and so on.

Related micro niches are:

  • Dating
  • Parenting
  • Child care

8. Personal Development

If you’re a life coach or looking to provide enlightenment your advice to people, this niche is definitely for you.

Related micro niches are:

  • Personality improvement
  • Life Lesson
  • Goal Setting

9. Diet Plans

The next best niches in 2020 are diet plans. Again, the health-related niche dominates a high percentage of popular niche ideas. Dieting is a large subsection in a healthy lifestyle.

Related micro niches are:

  • Keto Diet
  • Snacks
  • Paleo Diet
  • Vegetarian Paleo

10. Real Estate

The real estate industry is another billion-dollar industry where there are a ton of agents creating niche sites, dominating specific markets and making profits every single year.

Related micro niches are:

  • Foreign real estate
  • Investment properties
  • Relocation
  • Commercial properties
If you are excited about several niches, you might feel like you want to create a blog about them all at the same time. The best approach, yet, would be to focus on one at a time. This way, you can create a solid blog strategy and improve upon it by exploring new topics later on.


Make sure your niche choice is something that you will want to stick with for years to come. Never choose a different niche to be specific to your interest only. Choose the Best Niche for your Blog 2020.

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